Met Gala Dress Makes for Explosive

The this year’s met Gala Amal Clooney (37) appeared in a gown by John Galliano (54). The former Dior designer had shot himself with years anti-Semitic utterances in the off ago. That now an advocate for human rights has given him the comeback, not well received.

The met Gala on Monday evening appeared on Instagram account by Star-photographer Mario Testino a snapshot of Amal Clooney at the fitting with John Galliano. Anna Wintour (65), who has long given the scandal designer was also on display in the image. Continue reading

This Hammer Look Is Made in Germany!

On the met afterparty Jennifer Lawrence (24) surprise with a stunning silk dress in silver. But even more surprising was the brand of the dress. It was not JLaws Dior House brand or another famous Couture label, but a young newcomer label from Germany: Galvan. Our site presents the brand.

Hollywood has a new ‘Uberhip’ label on the red carpet found: Galvan. The multicultural evening fashion brand was established while in London, but has German roots. Behind the label the four girlfriends Sola Harrison from Los Angeles, Katherine Holmgren and Carolyn Hodler from London – as well as Anna-Christin Haas from Düsseldorf. There is also the Studio of Galvan in the Rhineland metropolis.

The new in-label of the stars
Within a very short time celebrities have a taste for the evening dresses: Elizabeth Olsen (26), Gemma kind of Eton (29), Gwyneth Paltrow (42), Sienna Miller (33) were already all in the creations since the founding of the label in the summer of 2014 seen. Rihanna (27) was already twice Galvan: on this year’s Grammy Awards, the pop star in a sexy Overvall appeared and on her birthday, she was wearing a silver chainmail dress.

Why evening wear?
Galván founder Anna-Christin Haas to our site: “it was the niche that has given us the idea. Modern and elegant evening wear to design that meets the spirit of the times, and is at the same time affordable. Every time, when you went to an event, you had to spend thousands of dollars for a high design standards. We wanted to go to evening wear new. So it all began. Today I have my Couture Studio in a loft in Düsseldorf and our headquarters in London’s Notting Hill,.”

Thus, also the name for the fashion brand was born. Galvan has indeed nothing to do with the chemical process of galvanisation where surfaces are refined. The name is loosely based on the English verb “to galvanize”, meaning so much to wake up like someone, or to indicate a gap. In which case, the lack of great gowns.

Clean design
Striking: The look of Galvan is clean, but thanks to embroidery or cut out details still feminine, sexy and exciting. Often worked with contrasts. With heavy and light qualities of materials and geometric shapes that have soft, flattering, feminine lines – thats Galvans signature look. Anna-Christin Haas about the design philosophy: “fashion is inspired by the supermodel era of the 90s years and his clean chic. “And because the clothes look so timeless, it can be always tightened.” Galvan was ideal for young and modern women who are not afraid to put on a gown with a Bikerjacke and to go, so Haas to the Vernissage.

Granted, a buying of Galvan is not cheap, is located between 750 and 950 euros but still far below pieces of known prêt à porter label with prices. For that you get “we have very many fittings which looked exactly as the style itself in the movement and affects how the seams and the construction of the body.” so Haas at Galvan of no goods off the shelf.

And the Oscar goes to… Galvan?
We were not surprised to discover Galvan on a star on the Oscars in 2016. Maybe even on Rooney Mara (30), Cate Blanchett (45) or Diane Kruger (38). Because these three “are totally different type, but they are all strong women and thus the absolute Galvan icons”, so Anna-Christin Haas.


Nice Braless

At a charity event on Thursday evening Klum (41), showed Heidi, how sexy woman, without showing much skin. The model relied on charming Accessories: her nipples – and her young lover Vito Schnabel (28).

Too short, too tight, too naked: in the past few months Klum in terms of outfit has taken besides Heidi the one or the other time a little. She made it all the better on Thursday in New York.

Sex appeal with style
The model in a very tasteful evening dress came to the “Gala for child protection”, color-coordinated to suit of her sleek companion Vito Schnabel: Midnight blue, floor-length, flowing satin. Including every fiber of her luscious body emerged – and that would have guaranteed even Lace underwear done. When Heidi which would have worn. Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Style Flowers for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is on May 10. You flowers want to give your MOM a bouquet? How about flowers that never wither because time? Our site shows the new fashion trends for the Blumensaison 2015 – which are of course not only Mommy’s excellent.

1. flowers trend: flower power

Modern flower girl Veronika Heilbrunner, Martha Garcia and Anna Dello Russo (v. l.) love the modern hippie version of the flower dress: 70s flowery and nice Maxi! But also short floral dresses, can sound hippiesk like here at Valentino (r.), when combined with Roman sandals, for example. If they want to loosen up the romantic look of the hippie, you help make tough styling breaks such as biker jackets or rough Cardigan Continue reading

A T-Shirt, Countless Styles

This season it’s back: ring(El) free for our favorite classic! But instead of the usual 08/15-look blue denim with ballerinas, we wear the stripes shirt now in a totally new style – because the striped shirt is a true all-rounder!

The upper part of the Strip was once the working gap of Breton fishermen. Coco Chanel (d. 87) it made in the 1920s by the Harbour on the catwalk. Since then the stripe shirt – be missing only authentic more with stripes – in any wardrobe. And not only at the chic Frenchwomen. Because the clear graphical patterns, usually in white and blue, is available to women of all ages and takes even a pale complexion to the rays. Continue reading

Through the Week in the Jeans Look Like Heidi Klum

It’s Monday morning and you don’t know what you want to attract? No problem! We provide you with looks for the whole week, that you can copy from the stars. This time: Model MOM Heidi Klum (41) and her signature piece – blue denim. So, Cabinet on and after style!

2015 is nothing about the Trews of the 70s! So Klum also Heidi as an alternative to the beloved skinny jeans now carries to the Pajama shirt (trend!) light blue Flared Jeans. Hard to choose how Heidi bag and shoes in a natural color, have black accessories to the light blue outfit

Aviator sunglasses, bomber jacket, and destroyed jeans – this look is cool and casual at the same time. High heels and a stylish Lady handbag make the “top gun” look on the second day of the week for feminine balancing Continue reading

“My Fashion Conceals Much Insane”

The Austrian Marina Hormanseder (30) is considered as absolute design by competing. Stars like FKA twigs (27), Rihanna (27) and (29) Lady Gaga are fans of fetish fashion. In this interview the Wienerin tells why the job as a designer was only their second choice and who she would like to dress.

Designer Marina Hormanseder has shown so far on the Mercedes-Benz fashionweek Berlin just three collections. More, she needed to be celebrated as a new newcomer. Continue reading

Poor Luxury Baby!

Louis Vuitton, Dior, Burberry & co. – the next generation is the best good enough. That thought is a mother from China and invested 140,000 euros in the dressing room of her daughter as well as their own fashion show.

Luxury fashion, catwalk and photographers instead of cakes and children birthday: This Chinese mother throws her two-year daughter a somewhat different Geburstagsparty

Dior, Armani, Burberry, Prada and Louis Vuitton: this Chinese girl in the wardrobe of her daughter put nearly 140,000 euros, according to its own figures to show the better side of life

How much has she invested in their own Gaderrobe, is it unclear in hotel lobby and photographer. Continue reading

At Dior, It Comes Around

The fashion house Dior invited for his cruise show in the Palais de bulles on the Côte d’Azur. Here you will unite not only architecture and nature, but also the fashion of designer Raf Simons (47), inspired by the colours of the coast.

The location

Dior Chief Designer Raf Simons moved the runway show for his cruise collection 2016 at the seaside village of Theoule sur-Mer near Cannes in the Palais de bulles. There, the architect Antti Lovag (d. 94) designed a villa with 25 spherical rooms (bubbles), which he built into the cliffs of Theoule sur-Mer. Since 1984, the fashion designer Pierre Cardin (92), who began his career as a tailor namely in the Studio of Christian Dior lives there. Continue reading