Valentino Fall/Winter 2007/08

The last day of February, Valentino presented his collection autumn/winter 2007/08 as part of Paris fashion week and surrounded the controversy triggered by the animal advocates.

The collection proposed by the designer focuses on a young woman but an elegance and sophistication as never before. In this way, the Italian shows that after nearly a half-century in the fashion world continues with all the enthusiasm and vitality of the principle. Continue reading

The Latest Mobile Application, Affiliate Programs

The business b-loggers It is so succulent, that obviously, everyone wants to get chopped. The thing started years ago with the sponsored posts, but today, what better results is getting (mostly in other countries) are the affiliate programs. On b-logs these programs work very well, but in Instagram It is not yet fully developed. We analyze the latest mobile applications that you are looking to eat a piece of cake. Continue reading

Balenciaga in The Week of The Paris Autumn-Winter 2007-2008

Nicolas Ghesquière shows in Paris a collection away from the look Balenciaga, very youthful, with ethnic details, based primarily on fabrics, trends, and prints that come from Africa, Peru, Mongolia, Bali or India. Very Street apparel, wearable and easy to combine with any clothing that we have in our wardrobe, which does not necessarily have be brand. Continue reading

The Controversy of the Ivanka Trump Collection Van

Probably, Ivanka Trump clothing line He has never received as much media attention as at present. But not all publicity is good, and many are the shopping centres that have joined Nordstrom and have ceased to sell items from the daughter of the President of the United States. The result? Most of them have important discounts or directly are already in the corner of deals or bargains. Continue reading

Will You Spend Hundreds of Euros Buying an H & M Clothing?

Our colleagues from eBayers They have already echoed the news, and it is that price which can achieve a piece of H & M if on the label, it shares its name with a designer as in this case, Lanvin is amazing. We saw it with other famous collaborations as Karl Lagerfeld and one of the more recent, Jimmy Choo, when H & M quality shoes prices reached the value of some authentic Jimmy Choo. Continue reading

Well Dressed Cities of Street Looks in Summer

It’s funny, but the same thing yesterday said summer us standardize face to the celebrities because at the end and all, all carry bikini, and how much less clothes more likely to match, same thing happens between anonymous: and it seems that when you tighten the heat all us throw to the comfort.

Gives the same as we paseemos through the streets of Stockholm, giving iual the climate of Madrid, to Paris, to New York, continental or Mediterranean, the urban style It has as official fetish in this Summer 2009, shorts. Continue reading