Black and White Swimsuit Target

In summer fashion swimwear are in black and white. This is the hit of the season, which is characterized by sophistication and elegance typical of classic colors.

Clean white swimsuit with a top that ties seem perfectly and at the same time attracts with its simple elegance. For the ladies who prefer to stand out from the crowd, decorated with silver sequins.

Black bikini in two parts also look extremely elegant. At purposes swimsuit models this summer are really incredible. Fashion is asymmetry and unusual necklines.

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How to Choose Running Shoes

They have running shoes, which you will find in stores such as running shoes. How to choose? Our guide.

The running shoes are a serious matter. We bipeds, with a spine that extends vertically when we run, if we rest well our foundation (feet), even on rough terrain, long distances, several times a week, we risk doing harm to all which it is located from the ankles up. It is therefore unwise to choose running shoes lightly, looking only to save.

There are different types of running shoes , which are classified by a code:

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Latest Trends in Swimsuits 2016

Summer is almost on our doorstep, but even formally season has not come, the temperatures allow the beach to have enthusiasts. Normally, with the advent of warmer weather starting issues and how to get back into shape when we were able to relax so much during the winter and so on. In addition, however, need to know and what are the latest trends on the catwalk.

What are the new cutting-edge colors and patterns, how short is the skirt, or maybe how long and at all of any bet – gender or better pants. You know, fashion is evolving constantly, although objectively speaking really everything new is well forgotten old.

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Sony Smartwatch 2 Features and Specifications

Is it worth buying?

The Sony SmartWatch 2 weighs in at around 120 to 150 euros. This depends on the provider. This places it in the middle price segment. But what is good SmartWatch? Is it worth buying?

Chic design and otherwise?

The design of the Sony SmartWatch 2 is very convincing. The smart watch is contemporary and classy. However, in contrast to its predecessor, it acts edgy, which is a matter of taste. In addition, it is larger than the first SmartWatch from Sony. The 1.6-inch display is Wrapped in an approximately 4 x 4 cm large case. With a resolution of 220 x 176 pixels, the model is rather average. Competitors such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear offer better resolution with the same screen size. Nevertheless, the weaker resolution falls in the Sony SmartWatch negligible. In addition, it is convenient to use.Android fans will appreciate quite that such are used to find the smartphone forth under the display the typical operation buttons. The operation of the watch is thus intuitively.

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How to Choose a Bra

Most girls think about their size bra when in fact it does not fit them perfectly. Today discovers how choose yours!

Learn to measure your chest 1- bonnet First, it is necessary that you take a tape measure (which is flexible and marry the shapes of your body, unlike conventional meters). The first step will be that back. For this, you must action the right place below your chest at the ribcage.

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Tips for Choosing a Swimsuit

The summer season is a time of anxiety for many women. The feeling of insecurity and the choice of the wrong swimsuit, ultimately, may strengthen even more the feelings of unattractiveness. But as long as you know your figure type, you can easily find the exact model swimsuits that goes most of your body.

Female body shapes are basically 4 types:
– hourglass
– pear / triangle /
– apple / inverted triangle /
– banana / rectangular /


The breasts and thighs are almost the same width, a waist you significantly less. Filling mostly in the area of ​​the breasts, hips and buttocks.

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Katy Perry Look

This was announced herself on her social, publishing pictures of the photo shoot, edited by Jeremy Scott and shot by Inez and Vinoodh, the actress posing with short hair to the well-known brand.

Katy Perry is the new face for Moschino. The declared herself through its channels company , publishing pictures of the photo shoot, c urate by Jeremy Scott and shot by Inez and Vinoodh, the actress posing with short hair, skin bra gold, chains and pencil skirt black for the launch of the new campaign fall / winter 2015/2016.
Made in Brooklyn all the big must for next autumn-winter season Moschino answered this call. Denim patchwork, gold inserts, grafitti prints: the best of the new season designed by Scott, wore a charming Perry with a t Hair garlic to tomboy, dressed undressed Moschino but also thanks to the styling of Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele.

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How to Choose Hiking Backpack

In “Get these two errors beginners hiking”, I mentioned that having too large backpack pushing to fill . When choosing a hiking backpack, so do not make a big to be sure that everything will be in it. In addition, a large bag (empty) weighs more than a small-unnecessary weight you have to carry.

I do not advise the opposite approach of in choosing a little, to be sure to go light (yes, I’ve heard that some people are doing this;).

So how to choose a volume backpack suitable? This is a question that must be asked to choose a hiking backpack. And it is also one that I get asked most often.

Before seeing how to choose the best volume of his backpack hiking, quickly see how to find once you are in front of all these backpacks in store or on a website.

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How to Clean Leather Boots

Here is a simple guide to find out the best way to wash leather boots without damaging them.

How to clean leather boots when you are guilty? The leather boots are a type of comfortable footwear and at the same time always in fashion, why they are used relentlessly throughout the fall and winter. In fact, in the cold months it is ideal for both taught by day for those evening. Using them a lot can happen, however, that getting dirty. What to do when the stains are too many? The solution is not to wash his leather boots in the washing machine, with which undoubtedly ruin them, but using other methods. Let’s see some simple tips to keep your boots in perfect shape.

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