Thank God It’s Friday: Four Looks to Begin with-Style Weekend

The weekend is here after a somewhat crazy days between holidays and bridge (for those that have been able to enjoy it). But today we can finally sing to the rhythm of Katy Perry on his last hit to now it’s Friday. It was time to think about our weekend and now look you teach some very different y where to buy items to get them. Let´s go!! Continue reading

Our New Obsession Are Stuffed Wraps

The Plush coats they are the new Leopard coats: they are everywhere and are pure trend. Advantages, you can say that you will not spend anything cold with one of these in your hand and call the attention of the world. Its main against is giving too much volume. If you want to get with the the winter King, keep reading and see where You can find it and as take it. Continue reading

Discovering New Faces: a from of Now My Dish Favorite Is Fash ‘n’ Chips

It appeared the other day in one of the posts and all We wondered (I included) who was the girl the second photo. At first thought me that I had no personal blog but investigating the net di with: Fash is called ‘ n ’ chips and is from Holland. A girl with class, style classic (but present) with simple styles and ultra chic. I present to Christine: a girl who will give to talk. Continue reading

A Street Style 100% Low Cost Is Possible: at The End Real People!

Today I want to devote a post from street style to the real fashion, in real people, with real clothes. Nothing of great firms. Nothing dreamy handbags or Gossip Girl style shoes. But 100% full of style. The girls of today committed to fashion low cost in its entirety and it is time to devote a space. By that not all can access a Balenciaga or Carven collection: today the street style is adapted to the crisis. Continue reading

I like The Versace Collection for H & M Seen in The Bloggers…

Still has not passed a week and the majority of blogs are already full of looks with garments of Versace for H & M. I refused to go: not wanted queues (that despite criticism that took the collection knew that people would come to your garment) and pay so much money so striking garments (those you wear just once). But now seeing the looks among the bloggers think ‘ go, can that it would have brought him more party dress … & #8216;. Continue reading

What’s Going on? When I Go out to The Street Only See Garnet Pants…

I think that I planted. I can not keep all the fashions At the same time. I don’t know how do them the bloggers but every day they wear new clothes full trend. And my Pocket is not for so many expenses and is that walking by the blogesfera realizes that the latest trend in fashion this week are the pants garnets. If you don’t have them you are not anyone, or Yes? Continue reading

Hip, Hip! Tree of Heaven! Bloggers Choose Your Brand for Clothing

We sometimes ignore the treasures we have in our land. And speaking in terms of fashion we must look beyond the world of Zara and Mango and support a little more Spanish fashion. Personally one of the firms that I like more Made in Spain is formed by brothers Iñaki and Aitor Muñoz. They are the creators of Ailanto and those responsible for collections that breathtaking. Bloggers give up before them and proof of this is that all decide to wear your clothes. What do you prefer? Continue reading