The Reina Letizia Is Points to The Fashion of Skirts Midi

The Reina Letizia He has chaired the third Spanish edition of the Telefónica Ability Awards, solidarity awards for those who chose a cute styling and the latest. Doña Letizia has signed up midi skirts fashion and it has opted for the always successful combination in black and white.

The Queen has worn a look fiftie serious but sophisticated, composed of a stylish skirt waist high and marked in black midi, combined with a classic white blouse collar (I would have chosen another blouse model). As plug-ins and has opted for a few black salons of punched details and portfolio black and purple suede. Perfect smooth hair and red lips, also in beauty fashion. Continue reading

Is The Effect The Best International Showcase of Spanish Fashion Letizia?

A year after becoming the new Queen of Spain, Letizia Ortiz It has learned how sophisticated your style and follow the trend in the rest of Royal houses in Europe, from where there is a clear gesture to modernise the image of the monarchy, trying to adapt as much as possible to the reality of today – apart anachronism. Fashion continues to play a crucial role in its image and Doña Letizia knows how to use it at your service, to such an extent that at times becomes a famous more. Constant discourse in pro to the internationalization of Spanish brands can be found in the Letizia effect its best trick. Continue reading

Thus Dressed Celebrities at Shows of New York Fashion Week. There Are Looks for All Tastes

Good-bye of the week of the fashion of New York with a first cargadita row of celebrities. Actresses, models, singers, it girls… no one wants to miss out on the trends that come and designs that will have the privilege in the best red carpets in the world. All they leave us looks for all tastes. Continue reading

Lady Gaga Takes More Flamenco Spanish Fashion Parade of Victoria’s Secret

We celebrate whenever the Spanish fashion arrives very far. As to the parade of Victoria’s Secret, with millions of eyes in the models and singers who acted. And for one of their stellar performances, Lady Gaga chose a dress by YolanCris of most flamenco flowers. A transparent long dress with red roses embroidered on it that Lady Gaga wore more diva than ever. Continue reading

Salma Hayek Has Been Commissioned to Look The Look Uglier The British Fashion Awards 2016

After the great disappointment of Olivia Palermo, he thought that there could be worst outfits. As if any, Salma Hayek is to forget, of course that just look so it will be difficult. The actress has been commissioned to look the more ugly look of the night. And if not judge yourselves. Continue reading

DoñA Letizia Is Points to The Fashion of The Dresses Layer in Your Last and Stylish Look

After a weekend family enjoying a few days of skiing, the Kings have started on Monday with an event on your calendar: national awards for innovation and design 2016 in Alcala de Henares. As in every act we look in the loo of Doña Letizia, which on this occasion been successful, pointing to the trend of the dress coat. Continue reading

DoñA Letizia Is Targeting Fashion with Side Stripe Pants

The latest fashion in trousers issue is which sidebars. Doña Letizia, tanto of the latest trends, It has not hesitated to show off ones. A fad that has many followers, but also many retractor, since reminiscent of a chandalero look. The Queen has worn them in a simple and serious look to greet the organizers of the project “Xldesafio. Education and future technology”and the Association of people affected by Cancer of ovary. Continue reading

The Gala CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund: When You Want to Impress But Failures with The Look

Not every day is celebrated with a gala dedicated to fashion, so famous guests to the CFDA/Vogue they have worked hard to choose looks trendy, daring, to demonstrate that these latest trends know everything. But the result can be regular. Not all are right when it comes to original and look for the most appropriate dress. Continue reading

Olivia Palermo Is Leading The First Row of The Fashion Shows in Paris

The first row of the Paris fashion week cargadita’s familiar faces. Paris is always a good choice, but over parade leading designers, celebrities do not want to miss the new proposals to be trendy. Olivia Palermo is one of the stalwarts of the fashion weeks and not a parade is being lost. Continue reading