Jezebel News: New Mango and Prada Stores, The Boom of Luxury in China and Various Absences

Jezebel news it comes with more departures of great professionals, purchases of brands, new stores and fashion news:

  • Devota & Lomba were in the process of liquidation. The firm has been purchased by the Spanish group Kangaroos (The horse, Colonel Tapiocca, Bonaventure). Modesto Lomba will remain in charge of the creative direction of the brand.
  • Mango plans to open a Megastore in the Palace of the music in Madrid.
  • Prada Opens two new stores in China, in Chengdu and Chongqing. Shops of more than 1000 square meters. I have 33 in that country.

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Jezebel News: The New Target, The First Store of Victoria Beckham and Sales of Burberry and Asos

Jezebel news it comes with the summary of the news from fashion week:

  • To purchase white Hokair. The Spanish textile group changes hands and the Arab company enters the Spanish market with its own network of stores.
  • Jonathan Saunders is the new Director of Paul Smith on the female line. [More in Vogue UK]
  • Kate Moss was 40 years old We celebrated it with your best photos of a lifetime professional and 10 unique videos. Continue reading

White Now Is Property of The Arab Group to The Hokair

The Odyssey of White It came to an end. The Arab Group To the Hokair just of acquire most of the assets of white following the adoption of judged commercial number 8 in Madrid, EFE reported. A acquisition valued at about 40 million euros.

This way to the Hokair enters Spain under the brand name White keeping to their 1,200 employees In addition to assuming debt of white, an operation managed by the consultant KPMG bankruptcy. Continue reading

Anna Wintour Isn’t The Only Who Rejects a Miley Cyrus, Juergen Teller Joins The Club

The stupendous Miley Cyrcus were marked in the MTV Video Music Awards 2013 He did not would know nothing of the singer and the cover of December already had planned with Cyrus as the protagonist by Anna Wintour. “Bad taste” of his performance was the cause of this and now we hear that Juergen Teller, the photographer known for its rather feistas, nor wants to work with her. Continue reading

Navy Blue Blazer: Imperative in Your Closet

Last week we mentioned some of the “must haves” most important that you saying you don’t miss this summer. It’s clothes that are trendy and that each season mark the trend all gateways.

A good Navy Blue Blazer will never be a “must have” season, rather it is something basic, essential in any masculine wardrobe It prepares. This year it is reinterpreted to become one perfect garment, ideal to combine it with many styles, from an All Star to a classic nautical. Continue reading

Jezebel News: Miley Cyrus Get a Lime and Other Arena

If you speak of Miley Cyrus and all the circus of bickering that unfolds in his around, you could create everything a Jezebel news. But as there is more life after the singer this week There have been lots of variety topics.

  • It seems that Miley It has one of lime and sand, and the dwarves there where pisa grows. The good news for her? It is the new face of Marc Jacobs and we see it in its new campaign. Continue reading