Photo Shoot: Through Zurich with MCM

We had it last week already announced: MCM sent us together with the latest collaboration in the luggage for a photo shoot right through Zurich, with you and the “eyes on the horizon” designed by Craig & Karl collection under the arm the city to explore and to hold the whole thing visually. At 40 degrees in the Sun, we moved during the day from spot to spot to reward us at the end of the day with a dip in the Lake of Zurich.

We are die-hard fans of Zurich since last Friday anyway, had the best weather and not the wrong clothes in the luggage for once. There you go: our photo shoot for MCM from Zurich! Continue reading

Outfit: Speaking of “Too Old for Something” – My House of Holland Dress & Dr. Martens

“Your style has changed lately, you’re growing up?” – One of these questions that I constantly hear lately and only occasionally answer. Because I hate me explain to, ever. But above all, because my answer has no value maybe tomorrow. I mean, is this all not somewhere very day form depending on? There are moments, where I’m thinking quite whether I like that “wild student life” missed simply because I disconnect after Berlin and wanted to write rather than to hang a master back up. Furthermore, whether I should buy my eye cream and whether it is probably normal that I must be at eleven in the bed, because I otherwise fall to prior fatigue. Such minutes I feel old. And grow up.  Continue reading

Outfit: Sarah as a Clown – Against Poor Time Management

Actually, I can now even laugh about my missing time management. You know, I am one of the people, the nearly 24 hours on the day stress make a point that already panicked when the bus rolls on and even in the depths of the bag is the ticket or when too many to do be physically motionless during the head in front of loud “Herrjee’s” and “damn’s” threatens to burst.

Why I tell you today? Because I wake up this morning in a cold sweat and shocked noted that the flight to Frankfurt goes much earlier should be assumed, I once again didn’t have informed and instead a panic ran through the apartment because all previously forged work plans away were bowled. You could also say lack organizational skills. And what makes you the best from such a debacle (because deadlines en top Scrabble me straight up to the throat)? Breaths a minute and just positive thinking. It helps nothing. Whuuza! Color on the body in the clown garb to reinforce this feeling while I now take a closer look at my iCal. On the diary of paper seems simply cannot be relied upon in such moments to be. Continue reading

Outfit From London: Brown Pants Vs. Blue Shoes – It Goes?

I feel just like a walking eye-ring. Not in terms of mood, but certainly with regard to my level of fatigue. My mom just says: “luxury problems, Sandra – you have to sometimes no say.” (I also think it would that also not rephrase, I would have been my first pension transferred). And Yes, that would be one way of course. I can sleep may be a long night long after New York, instead stranded in London. BUT, Then I would have missed the original Sugababes. The reunion. You know what I mean. Now when we were young and so. Continue reading

Bookmarked: Dandy Diary X Facehunter – Berlin Fashion Week Opening Party

So start slowly not only our preparations for the Berlin fashion week, our dear colleagues wear down the head to the upcoming fashion extravaganza is meanwhile already beginning July. A very special treat comes once again from our dear friends, the Dandies: the Berlin fashion week opening party 2/2012. The party goes after her debut to the MBFWB in January along with co organiser Katja von LesMads, now in the second round with none other than computing Clippers Yvan Rodic: DANDY DIARY x FACEHUNTER party! Continue reading

Little Berlin Party Tip: 3 Everyone. 3 Concerts. Free and Outdoors!

Or should I say: the Wulle Samwel tour is in the starting blocks. The real landmark of Berlin is that actually have no building, no monument or even the Berliner Bar – because our capital loves especially his everyone that can be found in every district. Open 24 hours, 7 days – who was once in Berlin, is fell immediately in the benefits and the operators of the late purchases. Why should you not even relax a moment longer in that place, as the few minutes, stands before the chilled drinks or before the counter waiting for? Continue reading

Our Cafe zero summer mixtape – which is your favorite track?

There should be some God, then I thank him, her or wemauchimmer hereby for the summer. Summer is therapy, abdominal tingling and youthful recklessness, no matter how old it is, over and over again. Summer is better than Amor, prettier as each bead Kaleidoscope and more satisfying than a double Schokoshake, suddenly standing next to your beach bed fringed by Palm trees. Just the most important protagonist of this dream your day seems not yet to understand the urgent need for their presence: love Sun, it would be nice, if you were a little more power girl. The clouds show who’s the boss. We need you at the latest on Saturday. Continue reading

Recap: on the Summer Boat with Cafe Zero

Last week we had with our mini Sun mixtape a little in the atmosphere brought us and tries to work on the summer, because on Saturday, the team behind the new Langnese family member invited “Cafe zero” to the boat trip across the waters of Berlin. A little banana in the head, but above all tired of a long night, we moved towards us on this day so „ port “. Rain and clouds us firmly glued on the heels, at the end everything always is different than you think – sometimes even better. Instead of sizzle under ultraviolet rays, blew us a breath of fresh air to the nose and we even had to provide heat. The mission is accomplished anyway, because when good people and world-best friends on tables dance and dream on the deck of the holiday, nothing can go wrong. Continue reading

Berlin Tip: Tomorrow Night “New Order” At The Electronic Beats Festival & Exhibition

And I still find it so hard /

To say what I need to say /
but I’m quite sure that you tell me /
just how I should feel today /

Tears in the eyes drive me regularly new order. With their verses, their heart Quake sounds and their history. Synth sounds hitting post punk, tragedy on energy, past to present. New rave, which is best under the open sky. Or at the Club, where it was played for the first time. Music, on which you must get involved, because you otherwise missed a sense of nostalgia mixed with euphoria and is effective as a drug. Continue reading