Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley in Edinburgh

Yesterday we saw them presenting his latest film, The Edge of Love, in a London radio station, and today we get images of its official launch at the Edinburgh film festival. They were the main claim both the day photocall at the evening opening ceremony. And it is not for less. They did not stop smiling and engage looks and hugs of complicity. I don’t know if it is truth or fingiran, but Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller seem to be very good friends. Continue reading

The Long Awaited Return of Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller

We believed that the Earth had swallowed them because living day Yes and day also in covers and internet portals they went to the most absolute and desolation of swim them leaving us temporary orphans of his stellar appearances. But the waiting was worth, because they have not become one by one and with a drip of by half but together and revolts: Here is the long-awaited return of Keira Knightley y Sienna Miller. Continue reading

Gladiator Sandals: Must Be a

They were not invented yesterday, they wore them as Roman Gladiators makes more than two thousand years, made in leather, and properly adjusted to the leg allowed them to have the foot subject well and fight with their swords without worrying about tripping or falling to the ground. Fashion is also history, where is someone who still do not know. Observe the evolution of fashion, is to observe the evolution of humanity (and I feel put me transcendental). Continue reading

Valentino Fall/Winter 2007/08

The last day of February, Valentino presented his collection autumn/winter 2007/08 as part of Paris fashion week and surrounded the controversy triggered by the animal advocates.

The collection proposed by the designer focuses on a young woman but an elegance and sophistication as never before. In this way, the Italian shows that after nearly a half-century in the fashion world continues with all the enthusiasm and vitality of the principle. Continue reading